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Realizing the Vision for Hewlett-Packard Company

Hewlett-Packard's (HP) enterprise sales leadership was planning a three-day national enterprise sales conference, the aim of which was to instill in the sales force a customer-focused methodology. HP had two spectacular success stories that exemplified this approach. The first was a relationship with Delta Airlines in Atlanta which represented $300 million in sales; the second, with Chevron in San Ramon, California, representing $200 million. Although different in many ways, the two deals had something in common--an emphasis on partnership and a customer focus. In each case, HP sales staff focused on getting to know the customer's business, understanding how the company operated and what their business objectives were, and determining how HP could help them meet their objectives, even when it meant relying on outside vendors instead of HP. An enormous amount of time and energy went into developing each relationship, and both HP and the client companies were quite pleased with the results. HP wanted to share these stories as models for how the sales force should approach enterprise deals--to convey the elements contributing to each partnership so that these could become the foundation for future successes.

DDP developed Realizing the Vision, twenty minutes of video programming that deconstructs HP's sales success stories into specific key elements common to each customer relationship. The video opens with a "partnership profile" for each of the accounts, followed by four vignettes that focus on the topics of Customer Loyalty, Employee Loyalty, Whole Product, and Cost-out. Intended to serve as a supporting unit within a comprehensive presentation, each segment served as an introduction to and springboard for in-depth discussion during HP's three-day national enterprise sales conference.

Sophisticated and creative graphics are used throughout the video to build interest and impact. The inclusion of visual representations of common HP catch phrases reinforces the corporate culture, in general, and the values of the enterprise sales force, in particular. Quick cuts, jazzy music, and interesting camera angles further liven up the video footage, which consists entirely of interviews with the HP sales personnel and customer representatives who participated in the deals. The video utilizes the vignette structure and graphic elements to emphasize HP's key messages of partnership, honesty, and customer focus--to sum it up, "teamwork brings success."

Realizing the Vision contributed to a very successful, instructive, and motivating sales seminar targeted to the highest enterprise levels of HP.
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