Project Profile: Corporate Training

Chez Oracle for Oracle Corporation

Oracle was faced with delivering effective training to corporations purchasing Oracle software. Often lasting for days, the training programs needed to cover a great deal of complex information. Oracle wanted to incorporate a video series into the program that would convey relevant information and at the same time relieve some of the intensity and tedium of the training process.

Part of a distance-learning training program aimed at corporate database administrators, the video program Chez Oracle offers a light-hearted, entertaining explanation of how Oracle database software works. DDP came up with this novel approach to help Oracle convey complex processes using a humorous analogy. Chez Oracle compares the functioning of an Oracle database to that of a French restaurant to explain how the software works on a conceptual level and to help trainees understand its fundamental processes. Consisting of three 3-minute installments each progressing into deeper detail, the video program was used as a preface to instructor-led training.

Well received by corporate trainees, the Chez Oracle program's popularity prompted a sequel series.
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