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Restoring the Earth for National Audubon Society--California

The Paul L. Wattis bird sanctuary consists of about 900 acres of former agricultural land in the flood plain of the Sacramento River that has been restored by Audubon to wetlands and waterbird habitat. With the help of public and private conservation sources, Audubon created a wetland with a diversity of water levels and potholes that includes 22 nesting islands ranging from one-half to two acres. Two hundred acres of the sanctuary are a permanent marsh, providing breeding habitat to waterfowl and wetland species. Three hundred more acres are seasonally flooded to provide wintering habitat for migrating waterfowl. Before the sanctuary is considered complete, another 1,600 acres await acquisition.

Audubon Society--California needed a video to boost fundraising efforts to complete land acquisition for this critical wildlife sanctuary. Audubon specifically wanted to target financially secure individuals with an interest in wildlife habitat restoration.

DDP and Science Interchange co-produced Restoring the Earth, an eight-minute video program telling the story of the Paul L. Wattis bird sanctuary in vivid visual detail. Set among the lush rice fields of California's upper Sacramento Valley, the program focuses on one man's generous efforts to create and sustain this critical way station along the Pacific Flyway. Intercut with stunning visuals of landscape and bird life, the simple narrative drives home the intensely rewarding, personal experience of restoration and stewardship. By focusing on the endowment provided by one financially capable individual, the video softly conveys the message that wealthy benefactors can make a significant, tangible impact upon the health of our natural world.
View sample video sequence:

Marsh at Sunrise (3.7 MB)

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