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Fair Fight in the Marketplace Fair Fight in the Marketplace (7.4 MB)
A half-hour documentary about Antitrust law in the United States, aired nationwide on PBS.
Crissy Field Museum Installation (8.5 MB)
From Crissy Field for New York Museum of Modern Art. Featuring the Crissy Field restoration project of George Hargreaves in its landscape architecture exhibition, Ground Swells.
Hidden Treasure Native Grasses in California (8.5 MB)
From Hidden Treasure for the California Native Grass Association. Portrays what is unique and valuable about our native grasses and grasslands.
Restoring the Earth Marsh at Sunrise (3.7 MB)
From Restoring the Earth for
the Audubon Society - California. A vivid depiction of the Paul L. Wattis sanctuary as a model for wetland restoration.
Connecting People with Nature Audubon in California (9.1 MB)
From Connecting People with Nature for Audubon - California. To attract funding and raise awareness for Audubon.
Tribute to Dick Kramlich Awards Tribute (11 MB)
From Tribute to Dick Kramlich for the Exploratorium. A portrait of a visionary and generous man.
Changing from Inside Alternatives in Corrections (7.8 MB)
From Changing from Inside for the Vipassana Meditation Centers of S.N. Goenka. A unique alternative to traditional incarceration offered by a Seattle jail.

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