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Secrets in Stone
History of Plate Tectonics (7.4 MB)
From Secrets in Stone for the U.S. Geological Service. A brief history of geology leading up to the discovery of plate tectonics.
BREAKING NEW GROUND Breaking New Ground (9.3 MB)
Highlights several exemplary CALFED-sponsored water projects, while explaining the goals and objectives of the CALFED water program. For CALFED Bay-Delta Program and various state resource agencies.
Striking a Balance 1 Delta Animation (1.8 MB)
From Striking a Balance for the CALFED public water agency alliance. An animated sequence delineating the Bay-Delta region.
PRESIDIO Presidio History (4.4 MB)
From Guardian of the Golden Gate - chronicles the 220 year history of the Presidio of San Francisco as a military post and participant in world events. For the US Army Corps of Engineers upon transference of the post to the US Park Service.

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