Getting Started

To help clarify your project goals and considerations, the following are some issues you need to address before embarking on the project.

Do you know what you want and why?

From the outset it is vital to have a big-picture overview of the project. Know what your overall project objectives are and the degree to which you want to inform, instruct, and/or motivate your audience.

What is the intended outcome?

What do you hope to achieve with this project? Think about the specific information, skills, and attitudes you would like your audience to walk away with.

What are the key messages the program must convey?

Knowing exactly what you want to say is fundamental to an engaging program. By articulating the program's specific messages, we stay on track throughout scripting, shooting, and editing, so the results are appropriately targeted.

Who is the audience? What are their important characteristics?

It is essential to know your audience--their needs, interest level, subject knowledge, any prejudices or predispositions, etc.--in order to design the appropriate communications vehicle. When you keep your audience in mind, you ensure the maximum effectiveness of your message.

How will the program reach the audience?

Don't let your brilliant project sit gathering dust on a shelf. Distribution and delivery dictate how your project will be designed and disseminated. In addition to broadcast and DVDs, the web now provides an important and powerful delivery system available to all. In a sense, it makes you your own broadcaster to a vast audience.

How do you devise a realistic budget?

DDP can help you determine critical factors to develop a realistic, workable budget, resulting in a product that satisfies your expectations.

Are you ready to undertake a media project? Contact us to request a complete version of "Twenty Client Questions" or to discuss further how we can bring your ideas into being.

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