Our Partners

DDP collaborates with other creative and educational organizations, creating synergy among our collective resources, talents, and capabilities.

Filmmakers Collaborative of San Francisco
Filmmakers Collaborative, founded in 1988 by filmmakers Michal Aviad and Kevin White, is a nonprofit organization that produces and distributes media to provide the public with educational tools to advance our understanding of the environmental and social issues facing our society. These range from gay rights to antitrust law education to environmental awareness. DDP associates with Filmmakers Collaborative on a project basis on topics of mutual interest and where separate strengths will result in a superior end product.

Media Interchange
For programs related to science and the environment, DDP collaborates with a leading science education and communications service, Media Interchange. A nonprofit organization, MI produces radio and web stories featuring host, Jerry Kay. Their acclaimed podcast programs include, “Science in Action,” “Aquarium of the Year,” and “Your Wetlands.” MI complements DDP's visual creative services with their own commitment to science literacy through communications technologies.


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